Monster of the Month March: Kráki (2020)- by Arngrímur Sigurðsson

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Monster of the Month: Kráki (2020).

Print of a painting by Arngrímur Sigurðsson. Quality poster delivered in a hard-shelled poster tube to prevent damage during shipping.

About the monster:

Kráki is essentially a Kraken! Folk stories have told about encounters of fishermen with this monstrous creature. One tells of A fishing boat that was sailing north of Iceland when it suddenly heeled, so that it was almost flooded, due to some horrific creature that held on to the gunwale. The part of the creature that held on to the boat resembled some kind of pincers, but the head and body were under the surface of the sea. The crew cleft the beast in twain at the gunwale and the part that fell on board was so large that they had to cut it up to get rid of it. They estimated that the whole creature must have been many shiploads!


Also we have available the book Museum Of Hidden Beings that was released few years ago with Monsters from Arngrímur. Same shipping cost if you order both.