Icelandic Fish and Chips SNACK!

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A product that could just as well be called "The British Dream: Fish and chips crisps!" For our American brothers and sisters it's just fish and chips really...

Each bag of Bifröst Fish & Chips contains 30 grams dried fish (cod) and 70 grams of real handmade potato chips with skin on. By munching on a bag of this delicious snack you get 27 grams of protein, the perfect portion for a full meal!

The idea behind the product is is to have a balanced mixture of carbs and proteins from a tasty and natural snack from local and natural resources. Being 84% protein, traditional Icelandic dried fish is true superfood.

It takes 160 grams of fish fillets to make 30 grams of dried fish. That equals the amount of fish you get in a standard meal of fish and chips at a restaurant! The fish is freeze-dried, that guarantees consistent quality, but also delivers fish that is crunchy, like the potato chips. The potatoes are brand new, skin on potatoes from a local farmer in Iceland.


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02 July 2021
Elaine M.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
I recommend this product
A tasty meal and no cooking required

My initial thoughts on opening the pack was "oh they are regular potato crisp shaped" for some reason (despite the picture on packaging showing rounded crisps was expecting the potato's to be thin potato sticks (thin French Fry shaped) to resemble 'Chips' from Fish n Chip shop. However, this didn't detract from the flavour and enjoyment of the snack. I really enjoyed the dried pieces of fish. Good flavour and there was plenty of pieces in the packet. The makers of this snack are certainly not mean with the number of fislpieces of fish or potato. A good sized bag, not too much nor too little in my opinion. I would certainly recommend them and will buy more in future.

05 July 2021

Happy to hear, you're enjoying the Fish and Chips! Super handy for on the go :)

25 May 2021
Francois E.
Canada Canada
I recommend this product
Smelly and dry, unpleasant in mouth

The bag I got was so smelly I had to get out of the house. Fish was not tasting good, very strong smell and taste from unfresh fish.

06 March 2021
United States United States
I recommend this product

These are really delicious. The fish is much crunchier than the traditional dried fish. A bag makes a surprisingly satisfying meal if you're on the go. I noshed on them during a break from skiing.

11 March 2021

That's exactly how it is supposed to be enjoyed! Out in the wild, as a power source for even more activity. Glad you liked it :D