Roasted Coffee Beans - by Skool Beans Coffee Bus

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When you think of quality coffee, you probably don’t think of coffee made in the back of an old American school bus in Vík Mýrdal. Skool Beans opened summer 2020 and is run solely by Holly Keyser; a bubbly gal who moved to Iceland a few years back. She bought the bus from an expedition group for only 100,000 ISK and drove it to Vík where it now sits underneath the tall cliff faces that line the coast.

I wanted to give something back to the locals and they’ve really helped me out by coming here for coffee,” she explained.

So we at the Grapevine cannot recommend this cosy café enough after a long day adventuring. A+ for Skool Beans! And a big fat F for nature. Read full interview online here

El Salvador coffee beans - Original 
220 g
Skool Beans Original roast is a single origin bean from El Salvador. Full of flavour, smooth and with a caramel aftertone, this bean is YUUUUUM! Roasted in small batches in the tiny town of Vík. 

A micro-roaster produces small amounts of roasted coffee beans, typically much smaller than large-scale corporate roasters, and is independently owned.