The Icelandic Box of Herbs!

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The Icelandic Box of Herbs!

We all know Iceland is far from being botanically exotic. Few plants have the toughness to withstand an Icelandic winter (and summer mind you). But we love them even more for it!

The idea behind the box is that you can taste all the different herbs in the form of tea or spice and then read all about it in the "Flowering Plants and Ferns of Iceland" book! Every detail about the different plants is given there. Then you have the recipe book to get ideas about what to use the different spices in to make an all Icelandic tasting meal!

So get this discount box for a trip to the slopes of the Icelandic highlands through taste and aroma.

Flowering Plants and Ferns of Iceland!

Flowering plants and ferns of Iceland, one of the most popular guides to Icelandic flora, has now been extensively revised and improved. Inside you’ll find 465 different species of plants, some of which are new to Iceland or have been naturalized in recent decades. The unique features of each plant are briefly described, as well as information about its habitat, distribution, flowering time and size. Each species is illustrated by a colour photograph, a drawing and a distribution map based on the most recent available data. 


Every type of Icelandic Tea we have in the Store:

They are Birch, Dorma, Valva, Ísland, Boðflennur and Öræfi. They all provide a different tastes of the wilderness of Iceland and you will probably be pleasantly surprised by the depth and quality of these handpicked and sustainably produced teas.

Taste of Iceland

Taste of Iceland is a culinary journey through pure, fresh and sustainable Icelandic cuisine. Leading the way is Úlfar Finnbjörnsson, often nicknamed “the Wild Chef” due to his passion for hunting and all that Icelandic nature has to offer.

With everything from seafood to smoked lamb, wild game to traditional Icelandic pastry, this book will fire enthusiasm for the gastronomic riches that can be found in and around our pristine island, using herbs from our highest mountaintops, down to our bountiful shores.

Fjallagrös - Mountain Moss

Iceland Moss is a lichen that grows in some of the most extreme environments on Earth like arctic tundra or rocky coasts. Has a bitter, tonic, earthly taste and aromatic odor.

Can be used in tea, soups, porridge, bread and stew.

Blóðberg - Arctic Thyme

Icelanders have used blóðberg for centuries flavouring soups and stews and for delicious teas. That's how we are still using it and now you can too.

Wild Herbs

A good old mix of wild Icelandic herbs (thyme, moss and birch) balanced to give them just the right taste! "Herbs Du Highlands" sort to speak!

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25 May 2022
Robert E.
I recommend this product


The parcel arrived in Spanish customs, was blocked due to lack of the correct paperwork and finally sent back. Since it was sent back REYKJAVIK GRAPEVINE has given no news about resending the parcel with the correct paperwork (sanitary health certificate for the EU) or about reimbursing despite 3 emails sent ! Not recommended