Anna Thorvaldsdottir – ENIGMA (CD)

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If you would, coax your mind back to a time when you believed ducking your head beneath the covers was ample defense against the bogeyman. Do you remember, in the haze of half-sleep, seeing something or someone in your room that didn’t belong? As you breathlessly flicked on the light, you were relieved to find it was only a chair lopsided with laundry, or a vacuum propped against the doorframe. That faint halo of light, surrounding this once sinister and now innocuous object, that is the penumbra – that permeable border between light and dark. This is the space where Enigma lives.

Performed by Spektral Quartet.

Read feature interview we did 2019 with Anna Þorvaldsdóttir here.


ENIGMA Movement I: [11:17]
ENIGMA Movement II: [7:54]
ENIGMA Movement III: [9:14]
Total Time: [28:21]