Axel Flóvent - You Stay By The Sea (2021)

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March 2021 issue of Reykjavík Grapevine comes with the album as it contains an interview with Axel about his new (this) record.
This is what Hannah Jane our culture editor had to say about it:
"Perhaps Axel Flóvent’s debut album ‘You Stay by the Sea’ is the album 2021 needs, even if it doesn’t know it yet. After the chaos of 2020, Axel’s calming, homey tones feel like a retreat into the quiet, carefree warmth of childhood—the folky indie-pop that reminds us of the unpretentious humanness of the genre. It’s an effort that exists outside of current events. Much like the waves it’s named for, Axel has created a timeless work that harkens back to a time where the chance of a moment alone at home was a luxury, rather than a torment."
1. Tonight           
2. Driving Hours 
3. Tourist
4. December Traffic       
5. Blood  
6. Fall Asleep      
7. Still Awake     
8. Indefinite       
9. How Can I       
10. Haunted         
11. Fireworks       
12. You Stay By The Sea