Best Sellers Box of 2022!

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Best sellers Box of 2022! 

This discount box contains the products our customers bought the most of from the Grapevine Store during the year that has just bid farewell. This is the box to pick to get these super popular products at the best value.

Best selling photography book: Pure!

Pure Iceland

A newcomer as a best seller as the volcano ones have dominated this category of late. Beautiful and poetic ode to Icelands pristine nature.

Best selling biscuit! Kremkex!

Never did we foresee the popularity of these unassuming, humble Icelandic vanilla cream biscuits when we put them up in our store. People world round are buying them by the case load! They sure are delicious. Just check the reviews.

Best selling new candy: Kandís Rhubarb!

Kandís - Handcrafted Hard Candy

This handcrafted, fancy little hard candies with authentic Icelandic tastes have done really well with our customers. And no wonder. They just taste perfect and the packaging is even super well made.

Best selling tea: Ísland traditional blend!


The Iceland blend did best of the teas in 2022. It gets great reviews and will give your kitchen a scent of the Icelandic highlands.

Best selling chocolate bars: Hraun & Traditional Nói with Toffee and Sea Salt!

Best selling book (that is not Sagas & Shit): Road Atlas !

Road Atlas - Iceland 2021-2023

So to keep a little variety in these Best Sellers Boxes we are skipping past our consistent best seller Sagas & Shit and putting in the Road Atlas, the second best seller. We haven't seen a better guide to driving around Iceland. Filled with local expertise, instructions, maps for every part of the country and will probably save you a lot of time and money on your trip.