Best Sellers Box of 2021!

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Best sellers Box of 2021! 

This discount box contains the products our customer bought the most of from the Grapevine Store during this very unusual year marked by the longest lived eruption this century and an even longer lived pandemic! Super products carefully picked by you all!

Best selling book (photos) On Fire!

The sales numbers on this book have been On Fire since it came out this summer. No surprise there as it is probably the most detailed account of the latest eruption in Iceland and both educational and beautifully photographed.

Best selling book (text) The Sagas and Shit

Ofcourse! The book that makes the Icelandic Sagas sound so much more fun than they really are. Told by the ever funny Greyson Del Faro.

Best selling candy: Djúpur & Hraun

Our 2 most popular candy orders!

Best selling Omnom: Coffee+Milk

Best chocolate bar in the world?

Best selling Cosmetic: Stone Soap with Volcanic Sand

This soap was all the rave while the volcano was still spewing of course and our customers love the scrubbing sensation you get with the black sand inside. Sustainably made by hand from all natural ingredients.

 Best selling condiment: Pylsusinnep

Why is it better than any other mustard? It's hard to say actually...It just really hits that strong but sweet taste you want on your hotdog bang on. Brewed with the same recipe for more than 60 years and people everywhere around the globe love it! Just read the reviews!

Best selling snack: Næra - Skyr snacks w/ Banana and Strawberry flavour

This crunchy and super healthy skyr snack has obviously found its way to people's hearts! Not the way high fat, salt and cholesterol snack goes to people hearts, but quite the opposite...The way love does...