Best Sellers of 2021 so far!

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Best sellers of 2021 so far! So half of the year is pretty much gone! Let's take a look at what our valued customers bought the most of from our store! 

Best selling book: The Sagas and Shit

Ofcourse! The book that makes the Icelandic Sagas sound so much more fun than they really are. Told by the ever funny Greyson Del Faro.

Best selling candy: Djúpur & Hraun

Our 2 most popular candy orders!

Best selling spice: Arctic Sea Salt

Let the reviews speak: "Best, purest, best tasting salt on the planet!!! Have been using it for 5 years!!" and "Amazing salt! I love this salt as much as the beautiful packaging."

Best selling biscuit: Póló

The mysterious Póló cult just can´t get enough of this biscuit. Find out what the hype is about!

Best selling tea: Icelandic Herbal Tea

Hand picked herbs from Iceland. We doubt there is a cleaner, healthier, tastier or more sustainable tea out there. 

Best selling Omnom: Coffee+Milk

Best chocolate bar in the world?

Best selling Cosmetic: Bjarmi Spring Soap * we are out of stock at the moment with Bjarmi soap, instead we will put Oat stone soap  from same producer.

Bjarmi spring soap is handmade in small batches. The soap is made from sea salt which gently exfoliates the skin and natural oils which leave the skin feeling soft and nourished.

Best selling "little book": The Little Book of Icelandic

A book about one of the oldest and most complex languages in the world, and the heart and soul of the people who use it.