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This is what you want: Freyju Mix!

A mysterious subscriber sent us an email and asked if we could add Freyju Mix to the store. To be absolutely honest we had no clue what that was but it was relatively easy to find. So Freyju Mix is (unsurprisingly) a mix of various candies made by Freyja. Tasty, colourful and a bit nostalgic. If you are allergic to anything leave this alone though. It has so many different kinds in here that you are bound to get a reaction from one of them.

INGREDIENTS:  Sykur, glúkósasíróp, jurtaolía (pálmakjarna, pálma, kókos, shea), nýmjólkurduft, kakósmjör, undanrennuduft, hveiti, kakómassi, lakkrískjarni, frúktósasíróp, melassi, ýruefni (repjulesitín), gelatín (svín), vatn, invert sykur, bindiefni (E414, E471, E420, E422), ammóníumklóríð, mjólkurprótein,
bragðefni, salt, rotvarnarefni (E211), umbreytt sterkja (maís, kartöflu), þykkni úr (graskeri, gulrót, epli, spírulínu, litunarþistili, sólberjum, hreðku), litarefni (E153, E120, E171, E100, E163, E160a(i), E160e, E160c, E161b, E133, E131, E141), sýrur (E270, E296, E330, E331, E325), sýrustillar (E331), húðunarefni (E903, E901,E904).

Ofnæmisvaldar: Varan inniheldur mjólk, hveiti og soja. Varan gæti innihaldið snefil af hnetum og súlfíti.

200 gr.


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A rvkgrapevine Customer
10 September 2021
Donna S.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Love it!

I was really happy to try the different candies within the Mix. I have some new favorites!