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 Read interview with GDRN in Reykjavík Grapevine here and excerpt below:

Making the album over such a long period gave Guðrún distance from individual songs—meaning many have become somewhat nostalgic for her. “One song, I wrote it while I was just meeting my boyfriend. It’s about being so into someone, you know?” she laughs. “Now we’ve been together for one and a half years. There are also songs like ‘Hugarró’ that we made maybe four times, over and over again. I remember working on it and thinking that we were never going to finish this album.”

Lyrically, Guðrún emphasises, the album reveals a new side to her. “On ‘Hvað ef,’ I was talking about feelings and telling a story, but on this album, I’m talking a lot more about nature, the sea, and the moon,” she says. “It’s more poetic; I used a lot of imagery.”

Overall, ‘GDRN’ marks a sophisticated new chapter for the still-young artist, showing she’s got way more up her sleeve. “When you listen to the album the first time, you’ll think, wow, these are good pop songs!” she says, grinning. “But when you listen again you’ll see there are so many tiny details and work in every song. Everything is coherent.” She pauses. “All of the puzzle pieces have come together on ‘GDRN.’”