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The Goodie Bag:

This goodie bag is designed as a welcome gift to a visitor to Iceland from abroad! You can pick them up from us OR we deliver them at the hotel, to the conference, car rental or travel agency of choice. Price is for one bag. Contact for bulk orders if you have a small group, a big group, want some other items perhaps or want an offer for a whole conference of guests!

The Bag itself!


Multi-usable beauty of a bag with Grapevine logo! For an order of 25 or more you can get your own logo printed on!

Waterproof Poncho!

Much needed in Iceland any time of year...Only available in Goodie Bags!

Luxury Confectionaries by Nói

Icelandic festive luxury chocolates! You will find these in almost every home in Iceland during the holiday season...This is the smallest box we have for those who just want the taste before bringing in the big boxes! Contains 5 pieces of luxury chocolates.

Omnom Chocolate Bar - Milk of Madagascar

Delicious and luxurious bean to bar chocolate from the world famous Omnom factory in Reykjavík.

100 Outdoor Swimming Pools!

100 Outdoor Swimming Pools

This big book is a true gem. Not only is it very enlightening and informative, it is truly a piece of art. In essence the book contains 100 aerial photographs of outdoor swimming pools Iceland is so famous for. Maybe you will know a few of these? Highly recommended.

From the publisher: "Photographed with a drone and straight down Icelandic outdoor swimming pools can be seen in a different way so that simple and dull structures will turn into adventurous, exciting and colourful shapes which inspire the imagination. The book can also be used as a compendium for all outdoor swimming pools in Iceland, divided up into sections of the country."

Grapevine's Best of Reykjavík (newest)

All the best restaurants, bars, shops, activities, pools...Just the best guide to the city there is!

Grapevine's Best of Iceland (newest)

All the best places to visit around the country, restaurants, bars, museums etc. Categorised by part of the country. South, West, North and East.

Last but not least:

Newest issue of the Reykjavík Grapevine!