Grapevine's Icelandic Autumn Box

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Icelandic Autumn/Fall Box

Autumn in Iceland is when we make jam from blueberries and crowberries we pick, eat lamb, start wearing warmer clothes and just cozy up inside a lot. It is also the season when the Aurora return after being outshined by the sun over the summer nights. So here is a box with a few things that makes autumn a great season in Iceland! 

Autumn is when the aurora return and this book is a beautiful ode to the majestic Northern Lights. Each shot has a careful explanation about how it was shot aimed to guide even the veteran Northern Lights catcher. Get the most out of your aurora photography by using this book as a reference.

Kandís (with Blueberry and Arctic Thyme) 

Blueberry picking is an essential part of Icelandic autumn. We use blueberries for all kinds of jams and deserts, but the innovative candy crafter behind the Kandís brand uses them for the most delicious hard candy we have ever tasted. A must try for sure.


Lamb stew!

What's more autumn than the famous Icelandic Lamb Stew? You only need to add hot water and wait for a few minutes. Perfect for camping trips or hikes.


66°North Head Band

It's not winter yet but it is cold non the less, especially for ears carelessly flapping around in the autumn breeze! Cover them with this wonderful and warm head band from the experts at 66°North! We picked the one in the colours that remind us of the autumn sky. If you want another colour leave us a note to seller at checkout.

Billberry and Chilli Jam

An award winning Icelandic jam that features a number of Icelandic ingredients. Mostly it is bilberry but ingredients also include chilli, Icelandic kelp and ocean water! Doesn't sound too appetising, we know, but somehow it just works perfectly. A completely unique jam and maybe one of the best in the world (best in the Nordics at least).

Best of Reykjavík Autumn 2022-2023


The Best Of Reykjavík Autumn 2022 issue features all our picks of the very best bars, restaurants, shops, music venues, galleries, hikes and hidden gems that Reykjavík has to offer, with special guides to countryside getaways, cocktail places, whiskey bars, natural products, new literature, and loads more besides.

Traditional chocolate with nuts and raisins

We couldn't let this box go without adding chocolate. So here is our most autumn chocolate in stock. Delicious with nuts and raisins. The majestic aurora on the packaging doesn't hurt either.