Grapevine's Best Sellers from 2020!

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This box is a compilation of some of the best selling items from our store in 2020! Get the box sent within days to enjoy all the best our store has to offer!

Our best selling photo book of 2020 was....:

Planet Iceland

A book with photographs by Sigurgeir Sigurjonsson, one of Iceland's most famous photographer, Planet Iceland reflects on the otherworldly and poetic landscape of Iceland. A brilliant ode to our wonderful little island.

Our best selling book of 2020 was.....:

The Sagas and Shit

It is the Sagas and Shit of course! 

Loaded with vulgarity, slang, and pop culture, this modern take on the sagas will either have you shaking with laughter or shaking your head in distaste. Or both, whatever.

Our best selling candy of 2020 was....:


Yes. Djúpur...Liquorice covered in chocolate covered in sugared, white, coating. Irresistible really and an all Icelandic invention! A must try.

Our best selling food item of 2020 was....:

Arctic Sea Salt Flakes

To no surprise, the pure arctic sea salt flakes from the West Fjords were the best selling food item. The sea is boiled with geothermal energy and the salt is without any additives and the taste underlines it. Just very pure salt!

Our best selling Omnom bar in 2020 was....:

Omnom - Caramel

No words needed really. All the Omnom bars are good but this happened to be ordered the most edging out delicious bars like Coffee+Milk and Salted Almonds.

Our best selling tea of 2020 was....:

Öræfi - Icelandic Herbal Tea

Arctic thyme and Iceland moss  are widely known medicinal herbs in Iceland and are used to make tasty flavorful health teas and infusions.

They are considered strengthening, nourishing and generally health-improving. 

Our best selling cosmetic of 2020 was....:

Græðir - Hand moisturizer from Icelandic herbs

Græðir hand cream, is a pure organic hand lotion to moisturise dry and tired hands. 

This daily hand cream nourishes and revitalizes weathered and cracked hands.  A powerful dose of our GRÆÐIR blend of healing herbs helps reduce redness and irritation and speed healing.

Suitable for vegans and cruelty free.