Grapevine's Box of Winter Darkness!

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Grapevine's Box of Winter Darkness!

The Icelandic winter is dark and it is tough. But hey, what can you do about it? Better just embrace the darkness and learn how to live with it. In this box we feature some quality products that ooze darkness and we are absolutely fine with it! The irresistible Winter Collection by Omnom, a black soap, a black hat, black lava salt, black candy and a beautiful photography book that plays with darkness and shadows. Embrace your inner darkness and get this box now!

66°North classic fisherman cap in black!

The classic fishermans hat everyone knows but in black. Not only does it add a level of coolness but it also has reflective letters so they will light up when shined upon. That will help drivers avoid driving you over in the dark, dark winter! Potentially a lifesaver really!

Somewhere in Iceland

This is a wonderful book of photographs. In it superstar photographer Páll Stefánsson plays around with with darkness, light and shadows. The cover is shot at noon on the shortest day of the year...So fits the theme splendidly! 

Black Lava Salt

Fantastic crispy crunch and mild taste of coal, goes very well with all fried and barbecued food.

Stormur-Handmade Black Winter Soap

This winter inspired luxury soap is handmade in Iceland. It may look grey in the product photo but believe you us. It is black as a fresh lava field. Chemical free and with a wonderful scent of wood, tobacco, charcoal and flowers and it's volcano shape makes it look like a sculpture rather than a piece of soap!
* If Stormur is sold out Bjarmi soap will be sent instead.

Winter Collection

The legendary collectable Omnom Winter Collection 2021-2022. 3 bars of the best chocolates Omnom produce and we KNOW they are good! Just check the reviews!

Voxis – Sugarfree with Liquorice! 

Just another proof that Icelanders will put liquorice in anything. The super popular Voxis Lozenges now come with Liquorice taste.

Great for a sore throat and have a lovely liquorice taste to them and still no sugar! Candy doesn´t come a lot healthier than this nor a lot tastier!
The only Reykjavík guide you will need. Best restaurants, bars, cafés, sights, galleries...You name it! All just updated for THIS, current, dark, dark winter!