Grapevine's Fishy Box of Iceland - Limited Edition

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What's that smell? Something smells fishy! For the Icelander that is the smell of life!

Whether 101 Reykjavík "latté" types admit it or not; fish and fishing has been at the center of Icelandic culture for centuries and that is what we attempted to highlight in this box! 3 literary masterpieces that somehow have fish (or fishing) at the center of them. 1 cook book with traditional Icelandic recipes on cooking fish among other things, 2 types of dried fish and a traditional fish stew, ready to eat in 5-10 minutes. Just add hot water!

Get this sprawling fresh fishy box sent to your home in a matter of days and go to sea with two of Iceland's most beloved writers.


Fish can sing - by Halldór Laxness


"It is writing so natural, so unforced and so unaffected that the reader becomes unaware of the writer, he instead becomes embodied in the story. It is a rare gift and one of the reasons why Laxness stands head and shoulders above all other writers of contemporary fiction in this country, why his work has been translated into over thirty languages and why he received, amongst many other awards, the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1955."

Fish have no feet


The book is set in the town of Keflavík, which you will breeze past on your way to and from the airport but probably never visit. A fishing town that later became largely dependent on the US army base outside of town, Keflavík is a perfect allegory for Iceland’s self-conscious nature: a proud, independent nation that is somewhat unwilling to admit to its huge reliance on imported goods and people. The prose fluidly transitions between past and present, lovingly addressing the private terrors, tragedies and loves of a family that has always lived by the sea, and shifting our focus between perspectives in such a way as to show us the desperation and impossibility of true human communication.


Heaven and Hell

The Westfjords in the early 20th century: a time and place where the harsh realities of life provided little more for people to concern themselves with than work, food and sleep, leaving almost no space for love and art and other such trifles that got in the way of fishing. ‘Heaven and Hell’ will initially seem to be solely concerned with the beauty and fluidity of its prose (delivered through an all-seeing first person plural that seems to speak on behalf of the nation) and its depiction of strong characters, male and female, within the heroic/romantic tradition. It is only later that the attentive reader will start to notice the underlying moral themes of how we choose to co-exist in the brief period that life provides.


Fish Jerky is produced in Iceland. The catch consistently meets top standards for purity and by means of the gentle, traditional drying technology, the natural character of the fish, as well as the typical taste, structure, nutritional and physiological values, are maintained, without adding any preservatives, food enhancers or colours.

Harðfiskur cheddar

Fish Jerky with Cheddar is the same fish as above but this one has added cheese in it. And you know this to be the craziest thing you've heard of since cheese in pizza crusts came about so you just have to try this. 


Fish Stew

Now you can enjoy our Wild Atlantic Cod mixed with freeze-dried vegetables, potatoes, and a hint of tomato!
Cool Cuisine 

Favourite traditional Icelandic dishes are brought to life in this inspirational cookbook. A mixture of old an new, combined with excellent ingredients, provides a collection of mouth-watering recipes. Learn how the Icelanders cook puffin, reindeer or simple delicacies like fresh fish from the clean waters around Iceland or the famous Icelandic lamb, raised on aromatic mountain grasses and herbs. This book gives you a taste of Iceland’s coolest cuisine with recipes which are easy to follow and fun to cook.