Grapevine's Foodie Box of Iceland - Limited Edition

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The savory and mystical Arctic Sea water is pumped into open pans were it is slowly heated with water from natural hot springs. This sustainable process leaves behind no carbon dioxide - only fresh, crunchy flakes of Norður Salt.

Lamb Jerky

Lamb Jerky adds a whole new dimension to your current snacking habits. It´s the perfect snack for sports, activities, and adventures due to its resealable packaging and high-quality protein.

Beef Jerky

Due to extremely brief summers, the lack of refrigerator tech and shortage of preservatives, Vikings used to air-dry their meat. The good folks at Feed the Viking, have perfected their techniques and encourage you to try this traditional Viking Superfood.


Fish Jerky is produced in Iceland. The catch consistently meets top standards for purity and by means of the gentle, traditional drying technology, the natural character of the fish, as well as the typical taste, structure, nutritional and physiological values, are maintained, without adding any preservatives, food enhancers or colours.

Harðfiskur cheddar

Fish Jerky with Cheddar is the same fish as above but this one has added cheese in it. And you know this to be the craziest thing you've heard of since cheese in pizza crusts came about so you just have to try this. 

Fish Stew

Now you can enjoy our Wild Atlantic Cod mixed with freeze-dried vegetables, potatoes, and a hint of tomato!


Feed the Viking - Lamb Stew











There are few foods more Icelandic than Lamb Stew. Now you can finally enjoy this traditional Viking Superfood freeze-dried!


Iceland Food and cookery bók

A cookbook that gives a taste of Iceland through a wealth of traditional and modern recipes, food history and lore. Covers a historical introduction to Icelandic food and cooking, from the Settlement to the modern Nordic kitchen.

Öræfi te

Arctic thyme  and Iceland moss  are widely known medicinal herbs in Iceland and are used to make tasty flavorful health teas and infusions.

They are considered strengthening, nourishing and generally health-improving.

Omnom Sea Salted Almond

Organic cane sugar, cocoa butter, Icelandic milk powder, organic cocoa beans from Madagascar, sea salt, almonds & sunflower lecithin.

 Onom Black n' burnt barley

Cocoa butter, organic cane sugar, Icelandic milk powder, roasted barley malt, organic Icelandic barley, barley malt extract, activated charcoal, sea salt, sunflower lecithin. 

Black Lava Salt

Fantastic crispy crunch and mild taste of coal, goes very well with all fried and barbecued food.

Does Anyone Actually eat this

That's a good question... perhaps you can tell us after consuming this box :)

but in all seriousness this is a hilarious account of traditional Icelandic food, like sheep’s heads and rams’ testicles, by our best-known food writer. But no recipes, they're all in the other book in this box


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12 September 2020
Linda S.
United States United States
King Bjork T Shirt

I just got it and I love the colors it's so well made!

20 October 2020

Hi Linda, Thank you for your order and review and we are glad to hear that you were pleased with your T-shirt! Also feel free to check out some of our other quality T-shirts at: Kind regards, The Grapevine team