Grapevine's Icelandic Easter Box

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The Icelandic Easter Box!

Easter is drawing ever closer and Icelanders love Easter. Particularly the part where chocolate is involved.

This box is a collection of stuff that will make your Easter more like Icelandic Easter! Easter eggs with Icelandic sayings and candy inside, quality confectionaries, 3 bars of luxury chocolates, a beautiful candle holder shaped as Icelands most iconic church and some soap to clean all that chocolate off your face afterwards!

Icelandic Easter Egg

The classic Icelandic Easter egg. With candy inside and an Icelandic saying or proverb (fortune cookie style). Send us what you got and we will translate for you if you need help.

Hallgrimskirkja Candle Holder

What says Easter more than this beautiful candle holder in the shape of the iconic Hallgrimskirkja? Not many things at least! You will receive one of three different colours depending on availability.

Small Easter eggs (4 pack)

4 little Easter eggs with milk chocolate and an Icelandic saying inside. Perfect for the dinner party. Which one did you get?

Nói Siríus luxury chocolates for those festive dinner parties. Beautiful packaging and superb variety and quality within each case.

Hand made soap with Arctic Thyme. Excellent quality and natural ingredients.

There is never enough chocolate in an Easter box so here is the Winter Collection. 3 luxury bean to bar chocolates by the Reykjavík factory masters at Omnom. So say farewell to winter by savouring these heavenly Icelandic chocolates!