Icelandic Super Healthy Box!

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Icelandic Super Healthy Box!

Because of the harsh climate and lack of fertile soil for growing vegetables or fruit, throughout the centuries Icelanders have learned to supplement their rather monotone diet of fatty sheep meat and dairy to stay healthy. Most commonly they would look to the beaches and the hills for kelp, herbs or moss but even seeking water from natural springs called "keldur" to benefit from the mineral rich water coming from deep beneath the ground. In this box we collected the very healthiest and very best supplements Iceland has to offer along with a super healthy snack, tea and even candy! 

Geo Silica PURE and RENEW
The benefits of silica are well documented and it is an essential mineral for the body to form collagen. It is also an important trace mineral that provides strength and flexibility to the connective tissues of your body — cartilage, tendons, skin, bone, teeth, hair, and blood vessels. It is sourced from geothermal water deep within Iceland's volcanic earth, using no artificial chemicals. 
While PURE is just pure silica RENEW uses a combination of silica, zinc and copper in pure Icelandic water to benefit hair, skin and nails especially.
When people in Iceland become 100 years old chances are they will be interviewed on national TV or at least a local paper. One of the questions they always get is: "So how did you get so old? What is the trick?" And more often than not they will mention Lýsi! Cod liver oil is extremely rich in nutrients and many Icelanders start every day with a spoonful of this stuff. You will probably feel it tastes a bit nasty the first couple of times but who cares? At least you might be interviewed on TV when you pass 100 years!

Fight off the seasonal flu with a warm cup of wild Icelandic nature

Angelica contains substances that are known to be bactericidal, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties and also substances that seem to stimulate the immune system.

The tea also contains sweet cicely which is especially rich in vitamins and minerals and has been used for various ailments affecting the respiratory and digestive systems.

Fjallagrös or Iceland Moss has been used as a supplement, spice and medicine for centuries. Despite the name they are actually a much more curious lifeform than the traditional moss. Fjallagrös are actually a growth resulted by the collaboration of an algae and a fungus! The taste is not like anything else and above all; very healthy.
The good old harðfiskur. Never met an Icelander who hates it! We can guarantee that you won't find a healthier snack. For every 100 grams of this there is almost a kilo of fish. So the nutrients you are getting in a few delicious bites with butter is all you need for the day. 

If there is anything the cold and the wind in Iceland have taught us, it is how to treat a sore throat! 

These tasty lozenges made by Icelandic company SagaMedica are made to soften and relieve the pain from a sore throat. Voxis are produced from the leaves of Icelandic Arctic Angelica and even contain antiviral phytochemicals as well.