Grapevine's Icelandic History Box!

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The Icelandic History Box!

Once upon a time some vikings sailed west from Norway looking for a land to live in and the rest is history! Well, that is all good and well, but there is a lot more to it. This discount box offers the best history book we found as it is easy to read and covers every period of human existence in Iceland. Also 2 small books with photographs from over 100 years ago and 2 truly historical treats! Harðfiskur and the Nói Siríus original chocolate! The box includes:

History of Iceland

An Ancient Culture´s Route to the Modern Age...

A lively and absorbing description of the development of the Icelandic nation from the settlement more than eleven hundred years ago up to the present day. In concise and highly informative accounts, written with the general reader in mind, the book charts the glories and achievements of the Republic and Saga Age, the bitter and bloody civil war which led to humiliation and suffering under colonial rule, and the nationalist awakening which has created a thriving modern republic with a deep attachment to this unique past.

The Icelandic Heritage Series:


2 books with photographs of how Icelanders looked and how they lived just a little more than a century ago. Wonderful little books that give a unique insight into how much Iceland has actually changed in an incredibly short period of time.

Nói Suðusúkkulaði

The Original Icelandic Chocolate bar. Generations of Icelanders have grown up stealing this from their parents baking pantries. An absolute classic of a chocolate.


This is the real deal and doesn't get more Icelandic and produced with centuries old and traditional methods. 100g of flat, hard yet soft fillets of haddock, air dried outdoors to perfection. Enjoy with salty butter.