Grapevine's Icelandic Viking Box!

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The Icelandic Viking Box!

Vikings! There is just something about the vikings that we find so intriguing...So we made a discount box with Viking related stuff and it!

The result is a true must have for any self respecting viking out there! Quote the viking poets of old and take advice from an actual viking merchant on how to make money (and no, pillaging is not involved)!

This you can do while snacking on dried Icelandic dulse and haddock like the vikings did! Also a magical rune wall sticker of Ægishjálmur that the vikings believed to protect them from harm! Well, it can't hurt at least and it looks stunning!

Let your inner viking out of this box right now! 

Quotes And Passages From The Icelandic Sagas:

„Wisdom is welcome, wherever it comes from.“
The Saga of the Confederates

About one thousand quotes and passages from the Icelandic Sagas, including familiar sayings of wit and wisdom, as well as various excerpts that give valuable insights into life during the age of the Vikings, and the subject material of the sagas.

The passages include examples of extraordinary bravery, battles and Viking voyages, mythical beasts, ghosts and dragons, as well as unthinkable violence and, plainly, pure evil. Additionally, the work contains passages that give valuable character descriptions and glimpses of appearances, human relations and everyday life.

The book also includes a brief introduction to the Icelandic Sagas and each of the forty sagas excerpted in the work, and a foreword by History Professor Gunnar Karlsson.

The Vikings Guide To Good Business:

Contrary to common belief (which is mainly the result of petty Anglo-Saxon propaganda) the Vikings weren't all raiders and pillagers! In fact many of them were shrewd businessmen whose sailing routes did not only cover all of Western Europe but also reached deep into Russia, to Turkey and the Middle East and famously; even North America!

This book offers a valuable insight into how the Vikings conducted their business but more than anything it´s a guide laden with grains of wisdom that still remains somewhat relevant for business people even in 2020!


This is the real deal and doesn't get more Icelandic and produced with centuries old and traditional methods the vikings used. 100g of flat, hard yet soft fillets of haddock, air dried outdoors to perfection. Enjoy with salty butter.



Snack like a viking! Dulse has provided a source of nourishment in Iceland for centuries and records of collecting dulse date back to the first viking settlers of Iceland. Owning a beach where one could access dulse was considered a great novelty all through the Viking Age and beyond. 

Wall Sticker Rune (Ægishjálmur/Helm of Awe):

There are various Icelandic symbols of magic. Some are believed to be from medieval times while others derive from ancient Viking era. These runes were used in a variety ways to affect nature or bend reality to ones favor. 

The "Ægishjálmur" or "Helm of Awe" rune is one of the most recognized magical runes of the old pagan vikings of Iceland. It's function was mainly to keep one safe and protected. So this rune would be etched onto shields and armour to protect one but also more mundane things like doors, chests and such...So what are you waiting for? Get ancient magical protection for your home now!