Grapevine's Kid Box of Iceland! 8+

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The Kid Box!

What about the children? A box filled with goodies that kids will love be it your own or someone else's. Grandchildren, nephews, neeses or siblings. A great board game, 2 inspiring books, a state of the art tech that stores sunlight and lots of candy! All this for the price of new jeans!


A fun little board game for 2-4 players featuring the Icelandic Fuþark runes and magical staves of the Vikings! Icelandic game design and development. Rules in English!

The Little Sun!

A great gadget and a great way to introduce a child to renewable energy sources. Kids love the lamp – as a nightlight or for playtime – which also makes it a great tool for teaching about sustainability.

A Puffin Called Fido!

A beautiful story about a little girl that befriends a special puffin called Fido. Wonderfully illustrated by national treasure Brian Pilkington!

Here is Iceland!

"Here is Iceland!" is a beautifully illustrated book about the island we all love. Even though it is essentially written as a book for children it is highly educational even for the seasoned adult. Just under 100 pages of interesting facts about Iceland, its seasons, wildlife, geology, fauna and places of interest. A must have for any Iceland enthusiast and also makes a wonderful gift for inquisitive kids and early teens. 

This book was nominated for the Icelandic Literary Award and received the numerous awards for its unique illustrations.

Freyju Mix!

Kids love candy and this is a bag of mixed Icelandic candies that will put a smile on any candy lover, be it an adult or a child.

Lindu Buff

Kids just love this super sweet and soft candy bar filled with marshmallowy sticky substance that really hits the sweet spot...



It's Opal! A classic Icelandic candy loved by kids and adults alike!