Grapevine's Luxury Box of Iceland - Limited Edition

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Get ready to indulge in some of the finest wares Iceland has to offer with this Luxury box. Includes all the wares below:

From the house of Fischer, producers of luxurious scents:

Insense Fischer: 

Handmade luxury Incense made from Icelandic essential oils and Icelandic birch tar. Comes in a handmade tin box of 10.
Shampoo Fischer: 
Fischer nr. 8 is a handmade and plastic free shampoo bar made from the scented oils from our perfume Fischer nr. 8. Enjoy a fresh scent in your hair with aromas like pine, citrus and rhubarb.

Solid perfume Fischer n.8:

A unique scent that is handmade by Fischer.

This is what the scentologists who made it have to say about the scent: 

Brand new sneakers, crushing fresh flower stalks against hot asphalt. Mouth full of lemon candy and fingers sticky with motor oil.

Stole rhubarb from a neighbours garden, peeled, slathered in honey and chewed on. Orange cake crumble in the pocket og freshly washed clothes. Arctic wind blowing through hair in a damp pine forest.

Amazing Iceland:

In Amazing Iceland the countries unique nature is featured in a spectacular fashion through the lens of one of it´s leading photographers. A beautiful ode to nature where you will find something new to marvel at each time you read it through.  
Two types of soul healing chocolates from Omnom:
Meet Omnom Chocolate, the premium Icelandic “bean-to-bar” chocolate with a creative twist

Created by two childhood friends in Reykjavík, Iceland, in 2013, Omnom is led by passionate chef Kjartan Gíslason and entrepreneur Óskar Þórðarson. Omnom produces small-batch, “bean-to-bar” chocolate, using the finest cacao beans sourced from around the world. 
Omnom’s mission is to make the best chocolate possible using the highest-quality ingredients. Each one — single-origin cocoa beans from Madagascar, Tanzania and Nicaragua; organic sugar cane; natural Icelandic milk powder — is individually sourced with care, placing ethics, sustainability and transparency at the heart of the process. Sustainability starts with traceability: Omnom buys ingredients directly from farmers to further help assess the social, environmental and economic impact of its purchases. 

Omnom is an award-winning small-batch, handcrafted, artisanal chocolate maker based in Reykjavík, Iceland.

Sigur rós ():
Sigurrós´s 2nd internationally acclaimed album was not without controversials. For the album they dropped the Icelandic language, which in itself is not unusual for Icelandic musicians, but because they dropped it for an imaginary language called "Hopelandic" the change created quite a stir. Get this immortal album with the original artwork and booklet sent to your door. 

Geothermal production method since 1753

The unique geothermal production method was first tried in 1753 and has since been carefully preserved in Iceland and Denmark.

The savory and mystical Arctic Sea water is pumped into open pans were it is slowly heated with water from natural hot springs.

This sustainable process leaves behind no carbon dioxide - only fresh, crunchy flakes of Norður Salt.

Norður & Co is located on the tiny Karlsey Island in the magical Breiðafjörður Bay - a spectacular landscape with shallow waters, small fjords and a myriad of reefs. With its extensive algal forests, seaweed and extreme biodiversity.

Breiðarfjörður is often referred to as the underwater rain forest of the North. The fjord's clear and clean seawater has been an important source of food for the Icelanders through the ages.

Dorma tea:
The herbs found in this tea are believed to have calming effects and used by naturalists to treat insomnia.

Common Heather, yarrow and silver-weed are some of the most used medical herbs in Iceland, both delicious and soothing after a stressful day.

You can also use the tea bag in your bathwater, and used tea bags are good to relieve tired and puffy eyes.

Pour hot or boiling water, Brew for 15 minutes, preferably under lid.

Omnom Crunchies:

Crunchy chocolate coated malt balls with milk chocolate made with organic cocoa beans from Madagascar

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