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The Nature Photography Box!

Whether you are an amateur photographer or the pro type that camps at a site for a few days just to capture exactly the right lighting for your shot, this box should be of interest. 

2 comprehensive guides to taking photos in Iceland. One of which is over 350 pages and shows you all the best and until now some secret locations. The other is focused on aurora photography only and teaches all the best practices. 

Also the iconic 66°North cap and some snacks for the road! 2 full and easy to make Icelandic meals and a chocolate for desert. 

Photgraphing Iceland

Photographing Iceland is the perfect travel companion for anyone visiting Iceland with a camera. The result of a vast undertaking, this book provides comprehensive coverage of 100 locations – all the classic ones and a surprising number of lesser-known gems. The authors are locals and photographers who share their experience from years of photographing Iceland.

Got to keep them energy levels up on the hunt for the perfect shot! The combination of soft raisins and crunchy nuts make it an irresistible treat to bring with on the road. We don't mind the beautiful aurora on the packaging either...

Capturing The Northern Lights - A Photo Guide 

This book is a beautiful ode to the majestic Northern Lights and each shot has a careful explanation about how it was shot aimed to guide even the veteran Northern Lights catcher. Get the most out of your aurora photography by using this book as a reference.


66°N Iconic Workman´s Cap

Comes with intimidating "street cred" among photographers. A person wearing this cap is serious about their nature photography. And yes, we know it's theoretically summer but the highlands are still white with snow and temperatures are still below freezing at night.

Mountain Meals! Fish meal and Lamb stew!

Perfect companions when camping or hiking. Just add boiling water for a great meal full of energy and nutrients.