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The New Aurora Box!

Darkness is slowly returning to Iceland after a few months without by the courtesy of the midnight sun! But despair not! That means it's aurora season again! This box is an assortment of products for the lover of Northern Lights (well, who isn't?)!

2 great photography books and one photo guide that takes the reader through how best to capture the mystical lights on film. Also a hat to keep your ears on while you look for the lights and luxury hot chocolate to keep your warm and snug as well!

Aurora - Lights of the Northern Sky

This book not only has 120 photographs of Aurora but also a wealth of facts and myth about the mysterious lights that make our winter all the more bearable.
Got to keep them energy levels up on a northern lights hunt in the middle of the night! Chances are temperatures are below zero as well! The combination of soft raisins and crunchy nuts make it an irresistible treat to bring with on the road. We don't mind the beautiful aurora on the packaging either...

Capturing The Northern Lights - A Photo Guide 

This book is a beautiful ode to the majestic Northern Lights and each shot has a careful explanation about how it was shot aimed to guide even the veteran Northern Lights catcher. Get the most out of your aurora photography by using this book as a reference.

Heavenly Stuff

A magical little photo book by one of Iceland's leading nature photographers.

66°N Iconic Workman´s Cap

Comes with intimidating "street cred" among other aurora hunters. A person wearing this cap is serious about their aurora hunting.


What better than a oozing hot chocolate after (or even during) a successful Aurora hunt? Just add hot water and you will have the best hot chocolate we ever tasted.
* Hot chocolate is sold out, instead we will send Birch (Birki) Icelandic tea