Grapevine's Preparing for Iceland Box!

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Preparing for a trip to Iceland?

What to bring? How can you best prepare? To start with you could order this box and use what is inside to help you start planning! Everything you need is there. Suggestions of places to visit (Best of Iceland & Reykjavík magazines and the Travelers Guide), you can mark it all in on the fold out map and plot what roads to take and where to stay!

Also a hat that will make you fit right in with the Icelanders and keep you warm (yes, you might need it even in the summer) and finally the ancient magical rune "Vegvísir" that Icelanders of old would believe kept them from getting lost and helped them to a safe return when travelling.

 Map of Iceland - The good old fold-out type!

Remember the times we would fold these maps out on the floor of the hotel and try to mark out a route and circle places we were going to see? By the end of the trip it would be all dinged up, dirty and torn but so rich of memories that all the difficulties folding it back up correctly would soon be forgotten.

66°North Workman Cap

You think summers are warm in Iceland? Try to head out to sea for whale watching or into the highlands and glaciers. It just never gets warm and if there is no cold wind, you know it's just around the corner...

This iconic "húfa" is a classic and perfect for the travelling Icelander and tourist alike.

The Little Book of Tourists in Iceland

Some really helpful stuff in this book that sheds light on Icelanders relations with tourists. Fun to read and has a lot of useful tips for people planning to travel here.

A Traveller's Guide to Icelandic Folk Tales

While traveling around Iceland, tourists will often hear stories of Icelandic folk legends. In A Traveler’s Guide To Iceland, Jón R. Hjálmarsson attempts to provide some insight into these tales and show us where exactly the tales are said to take place.

 It is 220 pages of mostly supernatural tales (elves, ghost, trolls etc.) categorized by where they took place. Also includes maps to help you find the spots! Perfect for long drives and a good way to get to know Icelandic Folklore while you enjoy the landscapes!

Vegvísir Rune - Runic Compass Wall Sticker

There are various Icelandic symbols of magic. Some are believed to be from medieval times while others derive from ancient Viking era. These runes were used in a variety ways to affect nature or bend reality to your favor.

The "Vegvísir" or "Runic Compass" rune would be used on ships and sails to help one navigate and prevent one from becoming lost. So how fitting to do have a quality wall sticker sent before you take your trip? Some ancient Icelandic magical blessing certainly can't hurt!

Best of Reykjavík 2022 and Best of Iceland 2022 combo

The Best Of Reykjavík 2022 features our picks of the very best bars, restaurants, shops and activities Reykjavík has to offer, with special guides to the city.

The Best of Iceland 2022 magazine features 100 awards for the best hotels, restaurants, hikes, pools, must-see spots and more, all around the country; a glacier photo gallery by Rax; and in-depth articles on some of the winners.