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A fun little board game for 2-4 players featuring the Icelandic Fuþark runes and magical staves of the Vikings! Icelandic game design and development. Rules in English!

More details:
Epic stories … wonderful love confessions … memories of fallen warriors… glory of heroic women … Curve everything into the stone and become the the most honourable Rune master! 
Runir is an Icelandic dice game based on Icelandic Futhark and magic staves. More information about history of runes and staves is included in the rules.
Roll your dies, find a rune icon match on the board. Claim it with your energy crystals and gain your honour points. Fulfil the Jarl´s carving priorities to gain a reward and increase your honour.
  • High replayability, thanks to 6 double printed game boards.
  • Small, yet sturdy box with magnetic opening, made from high quality material. 
  • Takes small shelf space, can be displayed as a book.
  • Designed to be used in compact spaces, ideal for travelling.
  • Unique and original artwork. 
  • Icelandic game design and game development.
Quick and easy game for all fans of Iceland and its heritage! 

Age: 8 years and older
Players: 2-4 
Playing time: 10 minute/ player
Designers: Gamia Games -  Svavar Björgvinsson, Monika Brzková

Runic alphabet Poster

This poster features a 16 letter runic alphabet from the Viking Age or the FUÞARK alphabet that the Vikings used. The posters design is aesthetically appealing in every way which makes it a great accent to add to almost any wall, as well as being educational.

Poster: 40×50 cm produced by Crymogea.

Ægishjálmur Wall sticker

There are various Icelandic symbols of magic. Some are believed to be from medieval times while others derive from ancient Viking era. These runes were used in a variety ways to affect nature or bend reality to your favor. 

The "Ægishjálmur" or "Helm of Awe" rune is one of the most recognized magical runes of the old pagan vikings of Iceland. It's function was mainly to keep one safe and protected. So this rune would be etched onto shields and armour to protect one but also more mundane things like doors, chests and such...So what are you waiting for? Get ancient magical protection for your home now!

This wall sticker is a highly durable, quality product that will not flake off the wall over time. Make sure to read the instructions though before sticking it on the wall just to make sure you get the most durability out of this product.

About the Runes

A book covering the runic alphabet used by the Vikings of Iceland. Each rune is explained along with it´s sound and modern equivalent.




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15 January 2021
Kristina D.
United States United States
Runic Magic Box

I love the poster and wall sticker and have loved playing the game with my young nephew! The book is a great supplement to previous books I’ve purchased to learn more about the runes! I feel well on my way to being a spákona!

29 January 2021

Glad to hear it, one day you can tell us our fortunes :)