Icelandic Natural Spa Box!

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Icelandic Natural Spa Box!

When it comes to Icelandic wellness and skin care, purity and natural ingredients are usually the theme. This box is inspired by that and should allow you to have a splendid Icelandic spa day from the comfort of you own bathroom!

How to use this box: Shower using the soap and kelp shampoo! Fill a bathtub with very hot water (think °42 celsius at least!). Use the bath salts or the bath bomb and let it dissolve completely. Put on the facemask. Get in. Relax. Relax more. Rinse. Dry and apply moisturizer! Your skin will feel completely rejuvenated and it will show!

Seaweed Forrest Soap - by Nordic Angan

Lather your forest soap with water for rich, buttery goodness and apply generously to face and body to cleanse and nourish your skin. wash off. Gentle enough to use every day and suitable for dry and sensitive skin. 

Meticulously handcrafted in Iceland in small batches using traditional techniques to ensure freshness and triple-milled for a longer last. The forest soap is free from palm oil, sulfates, synthetic fragrances and colorants.

Fischer Face Mask w/ Birch Leaves

Face mask containing Icelandic Birch Leaves, Aloe Vera, Nordic Kelp and more. Revitalizing and cleansing! Each bag contains powder you mix with water and is enough for 2 uses.

Bath bomb - w/Arctic Thyme

* if sold out ArctIc Thyme then you will get Oat bath bomb!


Volcanic Stone Soap

This stone shaped cold-processed soap is handmade with all natural ingredients. It contains refreshing pure essential oils and mild exfoliating black volcanic sand.

Bath Salts - 3 types!

Beautiful packaging with 3 types of bath salts: Icelandic seaweed, birch and arctic thyme.

Dogg Moisturizer - by Sóley


Dogg is a light moisturiser that hydrates and nourishes tired, dry complexions.

This organic lightweight hydrator packs a powerful one-two punch with some serious moisture and anti-oxidants to heal and protect.  

NOTE: The big lava stone is not in the box, but small in hand will come with the box.