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From review from about this Gus Gus album, read more here
It’s an album brimming with earworm melodies from the outset. “Obnoxiously Sexual” is the opener—a perfect pop single, seductive and insistent, pulsing with bass and bristling with synth hooks. But when a string quartet and then a brass band swoop in out of nowhere to light up the track, it’s immediately obvious that ‘Mexico’ is something special. It’s not just a honed and crafted house-techno-pop record but a bold reworking of the Gusgus brand of dance music. ‘Mexico’ is accessible and commercial, sure, but the album’s assured, crafted and somewhat brazen party music also feels like a creative and artistic success.
Reykjavík Grapevine did feature article about Karlsson Wilker and Gusgus making artwork for Mexico album. Read about it here.