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Evolution by Gyða (2018)

Third solo album of Icelandic cellist, singer, and composer Gyða Valtýsdottir, a founder of the band múm and 2019 winner of the prestigious Nordic Council Music Prize.

 A founding member of the experimental and groundbreaking band múm as a teenager in the late 1990s, Gyda later studied classical cello and improvisation in Reykjavik, St. Petersburg, and Basel. Known for her deeply personal and organic performances, she has worked with a varied group of artists across genres, performed concerts around the world, and composed music for films. She earned a double master’s degree from the Hochschule für Musik in Basel where her main teachers were cellist and composer Thomas Demenga and violist, composer, and improviser Walter Fähndrich.


1. Rock
2. Nothing More
3. Unborn
4. Sons & Daughters
5. Strange Attractor
6. Moonchild
7. Kind Human
8. Í Annarri Vídd
9. Imago

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