HAM – Svik, harmur & dauði (CD)

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One of top 9 albums Smekkleysa (Bad Taste) label recommends must have album to have.

From interview Reykjavík Grapevine did 2011 when album was out:

“It’s a dark and dramatic album. What has always fascinated us is to make dramatic and wistful music. But earlier we were just a group of twenty-two year old happy dudes, and couldn’t really put it forth convincingly. Over the years I have matured and experienced lots of drama in my life. I think all this has found its way into the music. This kind of album couldn’t have been made in 1989. We just didn’t have the maturity or the experience. This is a dramatic album, and Óttarr’s lyrics mirror all the drama.

The lyrics are not about our personal drama or experiences; they are inspired by the music. It’s always like that. First comes the music, then the lyrics. I’m very content with this album. It took five years to make, but only three days to record. I have no idea if we’ll ever make another album. There are no new songs. But who knows, maybe in 2016, five years from now. At least we have a title for a new album: ‘Heimspekingurinn, fávitinn og hóran’ (“The Philosopher, the idiot and the whore”). There must be a concept!”

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