Hátíðar Buff

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Hátíðar Buff - Holiday loaf?

This Christmas chocolate is just outrageous really. If you know Lindu Buff (an Icelandic all time classic) this is the same inside. That sticky, white, sugary, almost marshmallowy substance that tastes like a piece of heaven. There is no other way to describe what this substance is like as we have not encountered it in foreign candy...But it is airy, extremely sticky and very, very sweet! 

The outside is dark chocolate dusted with coconut. Heavenly! Each box contains around 10 pieces we think. Sorry, we haven't been able to count exactly because we eat them too fast...

PS. On the box it says you can cut a banana open and shove a couple of these in, wrap in foil and put in an oven for a holiday dessert. We haven't tried but we just might...


Sugar, glucose syrup, cocoa butter, milk powder, cocoa liquor,
binding agent agar (E406), emulsifier: soya lecithin (E322),
milk proteins, vanillin.

Could contain traces of hazelnuts, almonds and coconuts.