Hildur Guðnadóttir - The Joker CD/LP

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Hildur Guðnadóttir - The Joker
Oscar, Grammy, and Emmy-award winning composer Hildur Guðnadóttir—heard of her? Of course, you have, and of course, you saw the incredible film 'The Joker'. Now you can relive it... audibly. 

Here's an excerpt from an interview we took with Hildur around the release of the film:

For ‘Joker,’ Hildur found her sound in the darkest depths of Arthur Fleck’s character. “The strongest moments of intense inspiration hit me after reading the script,” she explains. “When I first found his notes, it hit me like lightning in my chest. That was my way into his head and into what I felt like he wanted to say.”

This resulted in an intensely symbiotic relationship between the music, acting and direction in the film. Hildur wrote pieces for ‘Joker’ before filming even started, which director Todd Philips played on set while filming. Hildur’s work, therefore, became a literal soundtrack to the creation of the whole movie.

“The music ended up influencing the performances, the cinematography and the whole pacing of the film. So much so that in scenes like the bathroom dance, that’s [Joaquin Phoenix’s] actual response to the music that you hear in the film,” Hildur explains, with palpable wonderment in her voice. “When they sent me the scene, I just saw Joaquin responding to this music in exactly the same way in which I had felt it when I first wrote it. We had never exchanged a word. It was such a magical process.”
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