Hugar - Varða

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It might be their well-crafted arrangements, that include violins, cello, clarinet and drums. It might be their inspiring build-ups, or their piano compositions that teeter from subtle and blissful to drowning and powerful. Maybe their “something” is luck. We’re not sure what “it” is—but it’s working. Welcome to Hugar, a Grapevine favourite, and their lovely second effort 'Varða'.

Here's an excerpt from an interview we took with Hugar about the album: 

‘Varða’ follows the slow-burning success of Hugar’s self-titled 2014 debut. Almost accidentally, the childhood friends realised they’d created an album’s worth of songs from casual music-making sessions and decided to make them available for free download online. The story could have more or less ended there, as it does for so many small, experimental bands. But Hugar had been working with friend and collaborator Ólafur Arnalds, and asked him to play drums on the album.

“It’s a lesser-known fact that he used to be a drummer in a lot of death metal bands,” 
Bergur explains. “We needed a drummer and so, as kind of a joke, we asked him to play. He was like, ‘why not!?’ When we released the album, he posted it on his Facebook, so obviously, that picked up quite some attention from the beginning.”