Hvað ef by GDRN

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First album with GDRN available again on vinyl. Read interview with GDRN in Reykjavík Grapevine here when album came out and did get album of the year 2019 at Grapevine Music awards and excerpt from interview below:

Arriving with some media fanfare right in the middle of 2018, ‘Hvað ef’ is the debut album of musician, vocalist and rising pop star Guðrún Ýr—better known as GDRN. The record was a long time in the making, coming together over a period of two years. And yet, Guðrún didn’t dare imagine the amount of positive attention the album would receive. “This is the first music I’ve released,” she says, “so I was a bit surprised when I got this award, to be honest. I didn’t set out to get this into music-making this full on. It’s been a very special year.”