Arctic Photography Box - Limited edition signed by RAX

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Ragnar Axelsson is one of Iceland's leading photographers and his unique vision is very apparent in these 2 excellent books that focus on the arctic. The smaller one focuses on the people of the arctic and the large Glacier book pictures the ever changing glaciers of the arctic in a most astonishing way, bordering on the abstract.

The natural patterns and shapes that RAX has captured here are nothing less than extraordinary and will wow you on every turn of a page. Both are signed by the artist himself. 

Check out this feature story on the melting of glaciers in Iceland where we spoke to Ragnar Axelsson and an interview with RAX himself we took on another occasion...

To make a good package great we included a limited edition Omnom Winter Collection featuring 3 bean to bar chocolate bars made in Iceland. All this delivered to you for free within days.

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Faces of the North - by Rax

Glacier - by Rax