Kaldi Wool Sweater by 66 North - Women

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Kaldi Wool Sweater by 66°North

Technical wool Icelandic sweater with an embroidered abstract interpretation of our country's traditional sweaters. Fleece lined collar for comfort. Leather zipper pulls is embossed with logo. Articulated elbows for closer fit.

Kaldi jacket is made of Icelandic wool. The Icelandic sheep has two coats of wool, a fine warm inner coat (Þel) and a coarse long haired outer coat (Tog), providing shelter for cold, rainy and windy days. The natural colors of the Icelandic wool are mostly used for the traditional sweater.

Note: Sizes are rather small so we recommend you go up one size from what you are used to.

Outer Layer - Main fabric
75% wool, 25% Polyester.
Knitwear & Wool
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