Majones Jól - Bogomil Font With Stórsveit Reykjavíkur (CD)

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Sigtryggur Baldursson former member of Sugarcubes band is the character Bogomil Font. Read full interview with him in Reykjavík Grapevine 2007 and excerpt below:

Heh, well, it is not that serious. I’ve been a part of many projects. Most notably probably is this crooner, the Bogomil Font character that I have maintained. He is a lounge lizard, and a mambo dude. It started as a joke really. It was a part of the art-terrorism concept surrounding Bad Taste Ltd.. Probably the last art-terrorism project we did was Kormákur B’s Jazz Band, which was intended to be a 14-15 people jazz band that knew nothing about playing jazz. It was made out of rock musicians around our own label [Bad Taste] but it was more like a theatre, so every one dressed up in fine clothing and played their own character and then we went on stage and absolutely slaughtered these famous jazz songs. But it was still sort of charming, beautiful kind of ugly really. This was an idea from [former Sugarcubes bass player] Bragi Ólafsson actually, and it was a lot of fun, probably the last big project we did as a group together.


Tracklist for this Christmas classic album by Bogomil Font:

1 Jólasveinninn Kemur Í Kvöld
2 Majones Jól
3 Mele Kalikimaka
4 Ég Sá Mömmu Kyssa Jólasvein
5 Erta Þú Jólasveinn ?
6 Hinsegin Jólatré
7 Jólin Allstaðar
8 Svöl Jól
9 Söngur Jólasveinanna
10 Jólavals
11 Gull Í Mund
12 Jólaglögg


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09 December 2021
Rene G.
United States
I recommend this product

Bogomil is king

Best Xmas album I ever heard….