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Moonstone: The Boy Who Never Was - by Sjón

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Moonstone: The Boy Who Never Was is set in 1918 and explores the dramatic moment when Iceland declared independence from Denmark, which corresponded with the introduction of cinema to Reykjavík, the eruption of Katla and the deadly Spanish flu epidemic. What a time! The plot revolves around a young gay man who is obsessed with cinema during these catastrophic years. There’s forbidden love, imaginative escapism and the horrific reality of a viral pandemic taking over.

About the author

Sjón has published twelve books, and at least as many collections of poetry, with one coming out every year or two. He was Oscar-nominated for his lyrical contribution to Björk’s ‘Dancer In The Dark’, and collaborates with her regularly. His output has been translated into 35 languages and won five awards, including the Nordic Council Literature Prize for ‘The Blue Fox’.