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For this issue, our cover story is Iceland's participation in space exploration. From the Apollo team training done in this country in 1965 and 1967, Iceland has always had a role in space. Today, the country attracts scientists the world over for everything from clues for life on Mars, building possible space habitats, and developing the country's first satellite. We spoke to some of the people involved in this growing field about where Iceland is, and where it could be heading, when it comes to space exploration.

September issue:

Cover story is cellist, composer and mystic Gyða Valtýsdóttir. We talk with her about her new album, Epicycle II; the long hard road through the classical world, the dissolving of categories and her visionary aim for the future of humanity.

Also on the roster: we examine the kerfuffle over the English footballers who broke quarantine in Iceland; Bergur Ebbi's take on where technology is leading us; the haunting music of Hekla; hunting for trolls in North Iceland, and much more!


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