Ólafur Arnalds - re:member

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The trademark of Ólafur Arnald’s music can best be described in the feelings it evokes: stirring, emotional, and perfect in its simplicity. With delicate piano, poised string arrangements and a deft understanding of drama, his work merges the traditions of classical music with contemporary trends. Nowhere is this more evident than his 2018 effort 're:member'.

Here's an excerpt from an interview we took with Ólafur around the release of the album:

The album is centred around an innovative concept. For ‘re:member,’ Ólafur collaborated with a software programmer to employ two self-playing pianos in the creation of his work. “The software makes the self-playing pianos play with an algorithm based on the grand piano that I am playing,” Ólafur explains. “This idea expands the creative process. How can I play the piano in a different way? How can I change the relationship I have with the piano in order to get different results?”

It’s a tricky method, but one with an undeniably beautiful outcome. The second single from the album—a collaboration with SOHN titled ‘unfold’—is an expansive and mellow track that’s both cleansing and energising. On other tracks, in typical Ólafur style, he sought out more unusual collaborators, such as beatmaker BNGRBOY, known for his work with rapper GKR.

“I felt like I needed another way to break out of my comfort zone,” Ólafur says. While not all of their collaborative experiments ended up on the album, Ólafur emphasised that his work with BNGRBOY helped to evolve the wider sound and purpose of his new work.
01. re:member
02. unfold
03. saman
04. brot
05. inconsist
06. they sink
07. ypsilon
08. partial
09. momentary
10. undir
11. ekki hugsa
12. nyepi