Reykjavík Raincoats - Classic - Unisex

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Back in the 800's when the first Norwegian tax evaders settled here and started calling them selves Icelanders they quickly realised that their fancy umbrellas didn't work here.  Rain is horizontal and always in your face. So after deforesting the whole island for houses and hearths they decided to make raincoats that would help them survive this weird - and frankly unfair - rain. 

Then Reykjavík Raincoats came and made them stylish. Now you can stay dry and warm in style. 

You're welcome, rest of the world.


* Handmade in rubberised cotton fabric

* Unisex straight cut fit

* Double stitched seams with inside welding

* Vents under the arms to help with good air flow

* Old fashioned button fastening on the front

* Two front pockets

Drawstring hood

Using only the the finest materials and craftsmanship the Reykjavik Raincoats are 100% waterproof like the fisherman's style coats that were around in the 70's.They are handmade in rubberised cotton fabric with double stitched seams and welding on the inside for the perfect protection against driving rain and piercing winds. They have vents under the arms to help with circulation as well as promoting good air flow. Our coats are made for men and women with old fashioned button fastening on the front, two front pockets and drawstring hood.They are absolutely waterproof and won't dry, crack or leak from age or usage. Every detail has been given the personal attention needed for perfection and we only incorporate highest quality materials in our production.

Size Guide (metric):

Size Guide (imperial): 



SHOULDER: Measure straight over the shoulders.
CHEST: Measure over the fullest part of your chest, keeping tape firmly under your armpits.
WAIST: Measure over your waist, slightly below your natural waist, where you normally wear your pants.
BOTTOM: Measurement over the knee area
LENGTH: Measurement of the coat length from neck and down.
SLEEVE: With your arms in a slightly bent position, measure from shoulder along the length of your arm, to the wrist

Calculate your measurements, then select your product size.
Insert your forefinger between the tape and your body to allow easy fit.
The raincoat is slim fit so if you like to wear a suit or thick sweater underneath do consider sizing up.