Silva Þórðardóttir and Steingrímur Teague - More Than You Know (LP)

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Two human voices, a wurlitzer keyboard, and a piano noodling in the next room. This was the roadmap for the recent record More Than You Know, an attempt by singer Silva Þórðardóttir and singer/keyboardist Steingrímur Teague to forge a collection of well-trodden jazz standards into something at once familiar and strange.
The result is sparse and introverted, with few solos to speak of, and to say that the music “swings” would be a stretch. For all that, the record sounds very much like jazz. The sonic textures recall a mass of older albums without devolving into nostalgia. The voices are plaintive, their lyrics often of lament and loss. The uncluttered arrangements highlight the strength of the songs, some of which are approaching their centennial.