Sóley - Harmóník I & II (LP)

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New 10″ entitled ‘Harmóník I & II’—a conglomeration of Sóley two previous sold-out Harmóník releases. The effort shows the artist journey into the world of experimental accordion drone music. 

Excerpt below from interview about the album, read full interview on grapevine.is

Thanks for talking to us, sóley! In the Harmóník series, you’re showing off an entirely different side of your musical nature. How did the project start?

This Harmóník project started way back around Iceland Airwaves 2015, when I was asked to play in a concert series in Harpa called Blikktromman. I remember at that time I had been touring a lot, playing pop music, and I felt like I needed to push myself in new directions. It always happens from time to time—I do something and I love it but after a while I feel the urge to explore new things and challenge myself.