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Special Offer: Best Of Reykjavík & Best Of Iceland 2018 Double-Pack

EUR 23.00

Get a fresh copy of Best of Reykjavík & Best of Iceland publications right to your doorstep, even if you live in a magical far-off place, like Peru or Hong Kong!

The Best Of Reykjavík 2018 "Spring" issue features our picks of the very best bars, restaurants, shops and activities Reykjavík has to offer, with special guides to day trips, cheap eats, cocktail happy hours, design stores, and loads more.

The Best of Iceland 2018 magazine features all-new awards for the best hotels, restaurants, hikes, pools, must-see spots and more, all around the country.

Together, they contain everything you need to have a good time Iceland in two beautifully printed magazines.

You'll also get a couple of little surprises in this double-issue offer.

We post worldwide! 

56 pages beautifully printed on book paper.

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