The Advent Double Pack!

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The Advent Double Pack!

A must for the advent, Iceland's very own classic Christmas story read which is read on the national radio every year around a week before Christmas. Also a photography book going to the very places where the story takes place! Stunning photos of the harsh and deadly highlands during winter.

The Good Shepherd!

Originally published in 1936 as "Aðventa", Gunnar Gunnarsson’s novella has sold more than one million copies worldwide and is by far Iceland's most loved Christmas story.

The Good Shepherd is an inspiring tale about Benedikt, a simple farmer who every year risks his life to round up other people's stray sheep in the Icelandic highlands during the Advent with his loyal dog and an unusually perceptive ram called Gnarly!

NYT says: "This beautiful story with its inspirational message is too spontaneously human, too universal in its truth to be capable of being dated..."


Advent in the Highlands!

The photographs in this book were all taken during the winter of 2010–2011 in the highlands east of Mývatn in northeast Iceland, where the novella "Aðventa" or "The Good Shepherd" by Gunnar Gunnarsson takes place.

The authors approach is to select 120 phrases and sentences from the novella, and then choose a location, date, and time for each photograph with relevance to the quotations.

The old shepherds' hut at Jökulsá á Fjöllum plays a prominent role in the project of Advent as well as the original story of course.