The Blue Box of Iceland - Limited Edition

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Is the imminent winter making you feel blue or perhaps you are feeling blue because of the state of the planet and the human race? Well, then it's time to turn blue into something more enjoyable! Take a look at our handpicked Blue Box of Iceland! Wonderful products from Iceland that have absolutely nothing in common except they are blue. Like a wise old man once said: "Life keeps giving me the blues but I blue it already!"

JFDR - New Dreams

 JFDR stands at the forefront of Icelandic contemporary music scene and this is her newest creation. 

 Feed the Viking - Fish Jerky

The catch consistently meets top standards for purity and by means of the gentle traditional drying technology, the natural character of the fish, as well as the typical taste, structure, nutritional and physiological values, are maintained, without adding any preservatives, food enhancers or colours.

Iceland in Icons - by Eunsan Huh

With English you have a word like “volcano” and you don’t know why it’s called a volcano. But with Icelandic it’s easy to understand that “Eldfjall” are two words put together–“fire” and “mountain”, so it’s a “fire-mountain”, Eunsan says. “I started deconstructing words and adding to my vocabulary, and Icelandic breaks down really well into small words.”As she learned to breakdown the composite words in Icelandic she began to doodle, to draw representations of the words. The drawings become more numerous an finally she decided they needed to be compiled into a collective work – Icelandic in Icons. A book that matches our quirky words with imagery, creating the ultimate visual aid for learning Icelandic – that’s not boring.

66°N Workmans Navy Blue Cap

Going as an Icelander for Halloween? This is an essential part of your costume...

Norðursalt - Luxury Arctic Sea Salt Flakes

Luxury Salt from on of the cleanest shores in the world. 100% Carbon neutral as geothermal energy is used to produce it.


Best sellers - By Hugleikur Dagsson

Hilarious sketch artist Hugleikur with one of his funniest books. A lot of dad joke material and stuff that will make you chuckle even a few days after reading it...


The Woman At 1000 Degrees - By Hallgrímur Helgason

This critically acclaimed novel (although it is written around the memoirs of a very real person) by Hallgrimur Helgason, author of the infamous "101 Reykjavík", tells the story of an Icelandic woman born in 1930 and all the twists and turns her life takes.

Washington Post critic had this to say: "What a story it is, one worth reading to further understand the complexity of World War II and to enjoy the quick wit of a woman you won't forget."


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06 November 2020
Sylvia M.
Germany Germany

It was great - was a big surprise to open the box and I am happy about every single item - really great idea these boxes - they bring back a lot of memories of Iceland.

11 November 2020

Great! We're glad you liked it! Here are some other Iceland boxes for you to check out next! :)