The Great Christmas Box of Iceland!

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The Great Christmas Box of Iceland!

An assortment of things we have picked that will make your Christmas a little more Icelandic! Delivered to your door within days from the country of the 13 naughty Santas. A classic Icelandic recipe book, a book about the 13 Yule Lads and the fearsome Yule Cat, really nice festive seasonal and luxury candy to enjoy over the holidays! Don't miss out on this one!

Countdown to Christmas

In this book, the days till Christmas are counted with recipes and descriptions of traditional Icelandic Christmas dishes and baked goodies, such as roast wild goose, vinarterta, leaf bread, cured ptarmigan breasts, mum’s kisses, pickled red cabbage and liquorice meringues.

A Fortnight Before Christmas! 

If you are familiar with Icelandic folklore  at all, chances are that you have heard about our 13 "Santas" or the Yule Lads. This is a fun story aimed at kids from 2-7 and the wonderfully illustrated book by Brian Pilkington features Grýla and her 13 sons in a light hearted winter fun children story.

Stekkjastaur chocolate bar

Staur is chocolate bar long enjoyed by the Icelanders and this is an X-mas version of it in honor of our first of thirteen santa's to arrive from the mountains: Stekkjastaur!

Yule Cat!

According to Icelandic folklore the Yule Cat is an overgrown ferocious feline that stalks the wintry Icelandic landscape preying on children! In this considerably more charming story, Brian Pilkington has lightened the character up somewhat by imagining what the Yule Cat is like today, now that he has become a moth-eaten, fleabitten, lazy old geriatric that is in need of a seasonal makeover.

This delightful story is ideal for children of all ages, just about anyone that loves cats, or indeed any motheaten, fleabitten old geriatric in need of a seasonal makeover that YOU may know!

Jólaköttur (Yule Cat) chocolate bar!

"Villiköttur" is a well known Icelandic chocolate bar and this is the Christmas version of it. Jólaköttur or the Yule Cat! 

Icelandic festive luxury chocolates! You will find these in almost every home in Iceland during the holiday season...Contains 5 pieces of luxury chocolates.
Yet another Icelandic Christmas candy you need to taste. Comforting chocolate with orange and caramel to fill your senses with familiar holiday tastes. In Iceland, up until the mid 20th century, oranges and apples were just available to the public during holidays.
Last and least: A small, authentic, Icelandic Christmas tree branch responsibly harvested from a forest in Hafnarfjörður! See the video here!
You can use it for a small candle decoration or use it to stir a Gin & Tonic (gives hint of Christmas taste to it) or just burn the needles for that wonderful Christmas scent!

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