The Green Box of Iceland

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Incidentally we got a lot of cool Icelandic products that are green. We made the blue discount box last week so we don't want our green products to feel left out. Have a look at what we got here:

Capturing the Northern Lights

Capturing the Northern Lights

A book that teaches you how to photograph the bright green Aurora! Stunning pictures and a masterclass in photography given by one of Icelands leading photographers.

Flowering Plants and Ferns of Iceland!

Flowering plants and ferns of Iceland, one of the most popular guides to Icelandic flora, has now been extensively revised and improved. Inside you’ll find 465 different species of plants, some of which are new to Iceland or have been naturalized in recent decades. The unique features of each plant are briefly described, as well as information about its habitat, distribution, flowering time and size. Each species is illustrated by a colour photograph, a drawing and a distribution map based on the most recent available data. 

Lindu Buff

Lindu buff is a super sweet and soft candy bar filled with marshmallowy sticky substance that really hits the sweet spot...



It's a classic green Opal! Icelandic candy loved by kids and adults alike!


The green green Voxis made from Icelandic angelica that soothes a sore throat.

Icelandic Farm Candle holder

This super cute candle holder is hand painted green and when you place a tea light on it it casts a very cozy shadow and it will look like someone is at home in the teeny little farm.  Suitable for those classic 4 hour little tea light candles:


Also: Latest issue of the Reykjavík Grapevine!