Grapevine's Box of Icelandic Flowers!

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Grapevine's Box of Icelandic Flowers!

Two of the most common flowers in Iceland are Arctic Thyme (or wild thyme) and Angelica so the products here reflect that. You get 2 kinds of hard candy containing these two. You get a soap infused with arctic thyme, a tea containing angelica but last and not least a super educational book with EVERY flowering plant in Iceland (there are more than 2 in fact) and beautiful game cards with Icelandic flowers on them.

So get this discount box for a trip to the slopes of the Icelandic highlands through taste and aroma.

Flowering Plants and Ferns of Iceland!

Flowering plants and ferns of Iceland, one of the most popular guides to Icelandic flora, has now been extensively revised and improved. Inside you’ll find 465 different species of plants, some of which are new to Iceland or have been naturalized in recent decades. The unique features of each plant are briefly described, as well as information about its habitat, distribution, flowering time and size. Each species is illustrated by a colour photograph, a drawing and a distribution map based on the most recent available data. 

Stone Body Soap with Arctic Thyme 

Stone Body Soap With Arctic Thyme - By Urð

This stone shaped cold-processed soap Is handmade with all natural ingredients for all skin types. It contains relaxing pure essential oils and wild arctic thyme.  

Blóðberg - Arctic Thyme

Icelanders have used "blóðberg" (wild arctic thyme) for centuries flavouring soups and stews and for delicious teas. That's how we are still using it and now you can too.


Kandís two ways

Kandís - Handcrafted Hard CandyKandís - Handcrafted Hard Candy

These hard candies are made in Iceland by hand using centuries old techniques passed down from Royal Danish candy makers. What makes these so special is the very Icelandic flavour profiles that Kandís uses. Icelandic herbs and all natural tastes that are just divine to experience on ones palette.

Boðflennur - Angelica Blend

Intruders Blend - Flu tea - Wild handpicked Icelandic herbs

Angelica contains substances that are known to be bactericidal, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties and also substances that seem to stimulate the immune system. So great when you feel that flu closing in...

Flower game

The Icelandic Flower Game

"Blómaspilið" or the flower game is essentially just a memory game for kids with Icelandic flowers. The cards are 8X8 cm, 13 types X 2, a total of 26 cards. The name of each flower is specified in Icelandic, English, Polish and Latin so can be handy both for learning the names of these but also to learn other languages!